Bad Foods For Diabetics – Avoid These 5 Foods

If you have diabetes, you are forbidden from eating certain foods! They are the foods high in carbohydrates, and foods high in fat. Refined sugar is another bad food for diabetics. You should also put an end to consuming excessive alcohol, and tobacco products. It is absolutely needed that you should avoid bad foods for diabetics. If you are aware of the foods to keep off, you will have more chance to keep off diabetes from you, or at the most you can manage your diabetic condition with ease. Here you have a brief description of the diabetic foods that are considered as bad for diabetics.

Foods high in Starch

Starches are nothing but carbohydrates whose function is to convert the consumed food into glucose. Glucose is the energy source for your body following digestion of foods. Starches can be had in great quantity from breads, rice, cereals, and root vegetables. Starch foods should not be consumed in large volume as they are bad foods for diabetics. However, carbohydrate foods should not be totally discarded from your menu. For instance, potatoes are high in starch but they are good source of protein to build your body. So you cannot keep off high carb foods as a whole. Eat a little bit!

Fatty high in fats

There are foods high in saturated fats which you should avoid as far as possible when you have diabetes. These foods include butter, margarine, and whole milk. Dietary products such as cheese and ice-cream are not at all recommended for diabetics as they are highly forbidden as bad foods for diabetics. Whole milk is to be curtained from consuming as fats form the prime component.

Refined sugars

If you have sugar intakes in the form of direct sugar, high fructose syrup, and candy sweets you will notice rise in sugar with these foods. But you cannot completely avoid all sugar. Indeed, you need to consume certain foods with less sugar ingredient in different forms of foods or small snacks.

Cholesterol foods

Cholesterol part of any food is harmful for health as it may worsen diabetic condition and increasing blood sugar in the bloodstream. Egg yokes, organ meats like liver, and brain are very bad foods for diabetics.

Excessive Alcohol drinks

Though alcohol is a pleasant drink to warm up your body, its role to control blood sugar is zero. Indeed, consuming excessive alcohol worsens the diabetic condition and spoils your health starting from damaging your liver, and then heart.